Annette ~ 12 Days of Moms ~ Day #8

Annette ~ 12 Days of Moms ~ Day #8

I met Annette almost 2 years ago when we moved to Chesapeake;  needless to say, we became fast friends. Originally from Germany, where her family still resides, she came to the States for college; during which she met her husband, married, and started a family. Her insatiable need for helping others and constant quest for knowledge is humbling. You want to be a better person after a cup of coffee and short chat with her (and up your coffee game as well – she makes the BEST coffee). She is unbelievably smart, and true, and solid, and one of my favorite parts of Chesapeake.


Name, occupation, where you live 

Annette, foreign language instructor, I’ve lived in Chesapeake, VA USA for the past 9 years.


Who were you before you became a mom? 

I was an independent woman who loved to meet people from all over the world. If there was a party going on, I was in. My priorities were always leisure time in nature, meeting up with friends over coffee and cake, or a good dinner. To counterbalance work, my husband and I enjoyed taking walks, exploring new places or just hanging out.


How did you imagine yourself as a mom before you had kids? 

Honestly, I hadn’t really given it much thought. Only one of my friends had a child, otherwise we were all still enjoying that stage in life we were in: recently married or dating, trying to find the right balance between work and fun. Being a mom was definitely on the agenda, but for later in life. The only thing I remember was always thinking that I have to copy my parents in that they always had an open house. That way my brother’s and my friends spent time there and consequently, my parents had a pretty good idea of what was going on and with whom we hung out with.


Who are you a mom to?

My son is fourteen and my daughter is almost twelve. They could not be more different from each other and yet I see a part of me in both of them.


Biggest fear for yourself.

Dying (in a plane crash) and leaving my husband and kids behind.


What do you fear most for your kids?

I think one of my greater fears is that they get hooked on drugs and spiral down into a hopeless situation. Another fear is that they won’t enjoy college as much as they should. At the university, I am seeing too many kids who are not ready to face the real world, who have anxiety and depression which results in not enjoying the independence they gained after high school. I hope to raise my children in a way that will enable them to spread their wings and fly. To me it is very important to be open-minded, to try new and exciting things and to live life to the fullest.


Who are you now aside from a mom?

I am a friend, a horse rider, a foreign language instructor, a cook/baker and gardener and of course a wife.


How do you relax/treat yourself?

I love to go to the barn and hang out with the horses and go for a ride out in nature. On gloomy days, I enjoy (a little too much) one, two, three episodes of my favorite show. These two activities take up some time so they can’t happen daily. So my daily “going back to find my peaceful spot” is my coffee time in the afternoon with very possibly a cookie or something else yummy. That is the moment when I pause and just enjoy.


What do you love the most about your life right now?

The independence I gained by being able to leave the kids home alone. I can do things by myself without having to check the time constantly fearing to be late. Teaching always added to my life and being able to extend my hours in the classroom is satisfying. What I love right now as well, is that I can do everything with my kids; it is so nice to see them grow into neat adolescents. They now entertain me and not the other way around anymore.


What do you hope your life will be like in 10 years?

We will live in France and I will still teach. Our kids will happily travel the world and settle down on the same continent as us.


What do you want for Mother’s Day?

Peace and quiet, no cooking, being served hand and foot.