Chesapeake, Virginia

Dear Chesapeake,
It’s not you, it’s me.

We transferred here the summer of 2016. M is actually stationed out of Elizabeth City, NC, but we decided that his 45 min commute was a small price to pay for my sanity… which affects his sanity, and Bea’s, and the dog’s and the ‘cats… and hell, probably even our mail lady. So, for the sake of everyone’s happiness, we moved to Chesapeake.

By the good grace of God, we landed in the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, on the perfect cul de sac, with the MOST PERFECT neighbors… Ever. This move has proved to me that I can live anywhere as long as our neighbors are solid. It was a tough decision after selling a house during the housing crisis in 2010, but due to the small number of rentals, at crazy high prices, we bought a house, without seeing it in person and crossing our fingers we come out on top when we leave. Much of this good “luck” is owed to our patience-of-a-saint real estate guru Brooke Mora who held our hand and never gave up until she found what we were looking for. Seriously, this lady is amazing both professionally and personally- a total good human.

I miss the city… a lot, but am slowly coming to appreciate what the Hampton Roads area has to offer. Everything is a 20-minute drive. No one walks anywhere, you can’t, there is no city center, and the majority of all businesses are in strip malls. M swears the city has signed some kind of agreement with Taylor Swift b/c almost every restaurant we’ve been to plays her music or boyband music.  What is with the boy bands Chesapeake?!?!? It KILLS me to try and swallow food while listening to 98 degrees. The restaurants we’ve tried have either good food with horrible ambiance, or great ambiance with OK food. We have however found 2 unicorns that manage a comfortable food to ambiance ratio; Baker’s Crust and Butcher’s Son.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Since we’re centrally located between the ocean, mountains, and the country Bea and I spend a lot of time in the spring and fall beachcombing along the Chesapeake Bay. In hindsight, I think VA Beach may have been a better fit for us but then we wouldn’t have had our perfect little cul-de-sac in suburbia experience – you win and lose some I guess.

I truly don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’ve had a hell of a time finding my groove here.  I definetly don’t hate it but am full-fledge struggling to find something better than average; restaurants, shopping, doctors.  Thankfully, Virginia Beach and Norfolk seem to have better options and we’ve found a couple of really good restaurants there.

Here’s a list of some places we’ve tried and liked as well as a link to our amazing real estate agent and great preschools we used.  I’ll continue to update this as I discover more places.


  • Baker’s Crust – Everything we’ve tried there has been really good.  They make their own mozzarella and grow their greens hydroponically.  The food is really fresh and the service has always been top notch.
  • Butcher’s Son – They’re known for their steaks but I had scallops and they were perfection.
  • Off the Hook – Try the She-Crab soup and Black and Blue Shrimp
  • Jasmine Thai – I never order chicken fried rice because it’s simply lame but these ladies give it some zing.  Food is fresh and so flavorful, not salty.
  • Surf Rider – Love the crab cakes and steamed broccoli with hollandaise sauce.
  • Brooke Mora – Vertical Reality
  • Great Bridge Presbyterian Preschool – They usually having a waiting list and for good reason.  If you can get in, thank your lucky stars.
  • Chesapeake Montessori School